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Use a loop to check on expiry of an activity?

Paul Alexander

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If I add an Activity to a BPM, and then add a decision straight after it, I get the option to check whether that task has expired or not: 




However, if I add any other node directly after that activity, and THEN try to find whether the activity has expired or not, I can't do it:







I'd expect to see a 'status' or a 'state' option in here for the Activity (I think it changes to state 16 when it's expired?). 

Could this be added please?




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@Paul Alexander,

It is currently in our beta stream, has been for a couple of week, but we have been doing a bit of work on new login and trying to remove as much use of php as possible. Assuming i get no objections from the team in the next couple of days I am hoping to push out a live admin release this week. 


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