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Is it possible to see all my requests in the portal, currently I can only see requests where the Service Portfolio item is set as visible. 

We have a number of PCF that only the Service Desk would use and we wouldn't want the user to log their own calls with these flows however once logged we would want them to see all of their calls.


The call logged under "New Request" service is visible under requests, but the 10 other calls I have logged with the service desk over the phone do not appear.

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Just to add further to this.

When we currently update a ticket using an Service portfolio request that is not visible to the customer on Self Service. The user receives a notification email to log into Self Service in order to view the update however when the portal loads up they receive "You do not have permission to view this request" If the call is logged under an item that is visible for the customer to log against they can view the ticket.

Until we have time to rewrite all of our existing PCF which are not currently user friendly we are stuck, any suggestions

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Whilst we don't have the specific option to have the ability for end-users to view their tickets that have been raised against "non-portal facing" services - the new Employee Portal offers up some smart solutions to be able to achieve this. 

The first thing to consider if looking at the Services themselves. You are likely to have set the all to "Portal Visibility = Off" right now - this is what prevents the end user from seeing requests that have been raised against them. 
You will also have Catalog Items - if you open these, they also have a visibilty option of Portals, Service Desk, Both
So my advice would be to make the service visible on the portal, but set the catalog visibility (of each catalog item) to "Service Desk"

This means, the end user will see the tickets that have been raise against the Service, but not be able to raise any new tickets via the portal. 

Some screenshots below:





However - the next thing you may be concerned about is that if you have suddenly made lots of Services visibile on the Portal, your end users will get lots of additional Services available in the Widget - and most of them will be unneeded because when they click on them, they will have no catalog items (as we've just hidden them all). 

So to overcome this, you can remove the default "My Services" widget from your portal, and instead create a new Links widget - with two links to mirror the two original portal facing services you have. You can get the URLs you need having a look at where they lead right now from your "My Services" widget. Record this in notepad - then create your new links widget, add the links and point them to your copied URLs. 



Hopefully this approach will allow you to be more flexible with what you allow your end users to raise. 

Kind Regards





Within the Service you will have Catalog Item - 


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@Bob Dickinson Hi Bob, hope you are well, when we were going through the issues we were having you showed me how to create an additional page in the employee portal. I remember you saying that I would need to take note of the URL as the pages were not listed anywhere. However I cant remember where I go to create the page. Thanks

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