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Instance Storage Usage

Neil Smith

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I've noticed this morning that our instance database storage rocketed up on 13th October.  Based on the chart attached, it increased by 12GB in one day.

As far as we are concerned, we did not and have not had any major activity to warrant such an increase in storage.

Can you provide any further details on this increase, and how it can be reduced back to the levels prior to October 13th.

I am keen to understand what has caused this, as this obviously leaves us in a situation where we are approaching our Total Storage limit.

Kind regards,

Neil Smith 

Screenshot 2020-11-05 113909.jpg

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@Neil Smith

Thanks for your question. We have not been tracking, or in particular enforcing over-usage of database storage except in larger instances where there is significant storage use.  We recently added these trending reports to the admin console on data that has always been being collected.  However, we found there was a problem with how we have been collecting this information, there was a bug, and we fixed that which got rolled out on the 12th of October.  This is why it looks like your storage usage has shot up, However, that is not actually the case, we were just measuring it incorrectly, which is why the storage usage was previously showing a flat line. over the shown window.  We will most likely just reset this data on all instances so it starts from a fresh. 

I will organise getting a notice added to the admin view stating this so its clearer why this looks wrong.  Thank you for the question


[edit] I meant to say storage and not disk space (which I have now corrected)


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