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Hope you are all safe and well.  Please would it be possible to advise if the below is, or will be possible within Hornbill Project Manager?  We are currently looking into the forward planning of our projects and availability of resources and would ideally like to be able to see an overview of all projects for possibly a year or two ahead.  Our managers would also like to see this in a more graphical view in order to determine where any gaps may be, if another project were to be requested.  Or if resourcing was showing at full capacity they would be able to either decline the project or remove delay another project to make way for the new project.  Managers would also like to see each milestone, a milestone may have a completion time of 4 weeks, however the work required will only take 5 days to complete so a resource would only be required for 5 days, not the full 20 days.  Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to ask.  We appreciate any help or advise with this.  Thank you.

Kind Regards


Forward Planning Example 1.png

Forward Planning example 2.png

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