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Paul Alexander

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We have a link in one of our FAQ's which SHOULD open up a PDF from a Hornbill Document library

This document is held in a Library which is accessible by everyone.

To get the shortcut for the link, I'm going into the properties of the document, and right clicking the 'open file' link, and copying the link address (I can successfully open this file from this window)





However, when I put this link in to the FAQ and click it, I get the error message that 'Access to this content is not allowed for your session' 

The link address that I've copied looks very different to any other ones that I've done in the past (admittedly I haven't done this for a long time!). 

Whereas older links look like this: https://live.hornbill.com/instanceID/lib/espphplib/app_resource.php/326-4-4990:com.hornbill.docmanager/app/php/document.php?documentId=DOCxxxxxxxxx

the newer ones look like this: https://mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com/instanceID/dav/secure-content/inline/R5d1-QPeg7aHZK59KEeQ0HTzxKrr2qdvkl7eyB9S4hbHI_zaPx3x5ewjDd-8Kg0tJeUmBErrbjxOR4Hv8_i9imu894oNo1znfkxSY1fDdmz9KB9Ze6c_w0Nrk0imWrvuRP1KL41xUXjA8Dy-Q3p1GJKjCL24ynTW0ZLwpUb698Kt5dJVXxXYug1wTt1pnHXI123456


Any ideas please?!

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