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Issue with returned data on report pulling from CAB board

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

We are trying to setup a report which shows the current card items in 2 lanes on our CAB board (Emergency Changes, and With CAB lanes). However, when we run the report it is returning data showing any request that has been in either of these 2 lanes, rather than what is currently in the lane. I presume we can output what is currently in the lane rather than anything that was in the lane?

Many thanks  as always!


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HI @Adrian Simpkins

It looks like this was just a small issue with your Join criteria. The Board Cards and Board Lanes tables were being joined on the Board ID when in fact they needed to be joined on the Lane ID.

I've just made a small tweak and it seems to work on my instance - do you want to upload this updated version on to yours, and let me know if this now works for you?




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