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Tags feature in Assets

Giuseppe Iannacone

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We found the recent feature introduced for the Assets, very usefull. unfortunately we discovered some issues:

1. there's no column available in the list view for tags, this prevents to check at a glance which asset is assigned

2. there's no way to export data contained in tags from this view and also which is the table that stores the tags in Database? i would like to use it in report, but wasn't able to identify it
3. there's a strange behaviour against language: I create a tag in English, an Italian co-worker with his profile language set to Italian is able to apply the english tag, but refresching the page the tag suddenly disappers, and if applied again you recevei an error message that states the tag is already applied. As a workaround I've transleted in all support language we have in our instance with the default english word

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Looking at the database it appears that the tag's are stored in the h_tag table. This table holds generic tags for other areas of the application also and is not limited solely to asset tags. So you will need to filter down the data here.

For me I had to filter by h_tag_group which was 'urn:tagGroup:serviceManagerAssets'. Also h_tag_links stores the relationship between Tags and Assets. When retrieved via Database Direct there is an export button in the query tool to export results.

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