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How to Use Date/Time of Email in Template


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Good morning,

I am trying to build an email template that will display time/date of the initial request email (not when the ticket was logged).

For example if we receive an email out of hours from a customer who is not on the system, the email will not auto-log, but wait until the next business day to be actioned. Where we need to communicate with external teams, we need to provide the original time and date of when the request was made.

Is there a variable that can be used directly or would I need to map to a custom field and use that? (if so, what do i need to map?)

Thanks in advance,



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Good morning @Steve Giller,

First of all thank you for your guidance; I was able to map this to a custom field as required and pulled the required information.

One thing I would like to point out/ask is that the "date received" that is being pulled from the email in an US format (YYYY-MM-DD) while the on the email, it is presented in the correct UK format (DD-MM-YYYY). Is this something we can change?

One other thing is that the date/time being displayed has a "Z" at the end of it (see attached). This is not visible in any of the back end processes therefore slightly confused as to where this is coming from.

Kind regards,


Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 11.50.48.png

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The trailing 'Z' indicates 'Zulu Time' (GMT/UTC) i.e. it's not adjusted for any time zone.

I believe that wrapping a Date/Time in square brackets - e.g. [2020-11-04 09:42:35Z] - should format it based on your preferences (see the Date Formatting section of the Wiki Markup page)

I've not had chance to test this yet, so keep an eye here in case of updates or changes to that advice.

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