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I was wondering if there are any Document Manager Product Specialists or people that use Document Manager a lot as I have a range of questions that I would like help with and possibly a chat.

We would like to use a template for sending/sharing with people for them to complete and then send it on, or maybe we can use the authorisation node for them to agree to terms and conditions and then create a document with the subsequent information?

Not even sure this is possible?

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Hi Jeremy,

Document Manager is more about document storage, versions, reviews, planning, etc.  There are no features that allow for sections of a document to be filled out.  I'm not sure what the plans are for this type of functionality, but I'll feed this back to the team that look after this app.


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As James states there are currently no templating option within document manager unfortunately.  This is something that is being considered for future a version but we have no plans to introduce it in the near term and no timeline for when it might be added at the moment.



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@TrevorHarris @James Ainsworth thanks for the replies, we are just trying to get away from getting our customers to complete another form to support the original.

We have a business process where the customer needs to agree to sharing information with a 3rd party so we are going to be sending them to a different form on self service for them to enter their details and confirm sharing. Once this is submitted then we are creating a document (pdf) from this information, but it would be easier for all if a sub-form can be sent as part of an existing request even it if is just linked so that we can keep things together.

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@Steve G Hi, I am trying to use this above integration to get a google form to generate a request, but in the code it errors on line 6 with the below error:


I am not sure what the next step is to fix this issue. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @Jeremy,

This would suggest your form is not submitting its data - e is an object that should contain the form response when your Form project trigger runs the onSubmit action:


So this will be an issue with your Google Form configuration, probably in the project triggers...



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@Steve G I have managed to get this working and can pass the update to the timeline of a request but the custom fields within a request do not get updated with the details that have been submitted.

Is there a way to get this data to passed into the request? I have used the same questions/custom fields that are in the code for simplicity. This is how the request looks, it waits for an update and then gets new details to make sure that the information should be within the request but when updating the timeline there is no data.


I was hoping to be able to generate a request from the form with the details but that may be a bit much to ask for at the moment.

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