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Email to customer when ticket is updated.

Mark (ESC)

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Bit of a question frenzy this week, but this is my last question for now.

We send an email when the customer raises a ticket, and send an email once the ticket is resolved.

However we are not sending update during the progress of the ticket.

To do this am I going into the Business Processes to add a node, or is this done somewhere else?


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Hi Mark,

The setting showing the template that is sent is under Hornbill Service manager / Settings: guest.app.requests.notification.emailTemplate.customerTimelineUpdate

I think there is a default template from Hornbill that is used, but we have inserted our own version here


Many thanks


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@Mark (ESC) I just need to check how you're testing this?

Bear in mind that the system is "aware" and will not send an update to a Customer who already knows it's happened; for example (but not limited to) when the Customer is also the Owner, the Customer made the update, or the Customer has the Request open in another tab/window - all common scenarios for testing.

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@Steve Giller  

Have a "portaltestuser" account which is a basic account, not SSO.

Using this to raise the ticket via the Employee Portal, and then I 'Mark Purvis' accepted the ticket from the Self Service queue.

email for - ICT Service Desk - New Call Logged, Reference IN00009034 - that works

email for - ICT Service Desk - Call Resolved, Reference IN00009034 - that works

But updates in-between generating no emails, even though portaltestuser is not logged in and is not part of the helpdesk to update.


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