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Manager SR components via Boards

Jamie Talbot

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Hi All,


I am wanting to create a board that helps us prioritise feature requests. During a weekly meeting I want to be able to use boards to move Service Requests into different lanes, shown in the image below.


When moved into either the High, Medium or Low lane I would like the tickets priority to be set to match the lane once moved into the corresponding lane automatically. Is this possible and if not could this be included in a future update?


Best Regards


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Unfortunately at the moment there is no way of triggering updates to service manager when moving cards between lanes.  We are planning to add the option to trigger autotasks on card moves in a future version of Boardmanager this would then enable you to create automation when cards are moved which would allow you to achieve what you are asking for.  Unfortunately we don't have  a timescale for whne this might be introduced at the moment.



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