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Having issues trying to update accounts in System / Organisational Data / Users

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

So I have a task to manually update some Custom fields in a number of Customers accounts. However when i am navigating the Users admin tool, it keeps 'freezing' and I have to restart Edge every time i update one person. I am getting a message occasionally that the system has halted as there is a 'Script still running'. Normally I am able to move back and forth with no issues but yesterday and today it keeps doing this everytime I update someone's account, and i have to kill the browser in Task Manager, relaunch it and log back in. Any idea why this is occurring please? Its not stopping me from updating accounts, it is just very slow and frustrating.

FYI I am manually updating a Custom field in the customers profile to use for setting a VIP priority. As we do not sync this particular field from our LDAP config, it is easier to update this in Hornbill than changing the LDAP and updating all the accounts in Active Directory.

Many thanks

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