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CMDB substate changes

Gareth Watkins

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We’ve had issues today deploying new servers which then get registered in CMDB with a substate of ‘Active’.  The error reports it cannot find a substate called ‘Active’.  After checking CMDB it was  noted that they could see that the first two sub states in Live are now listed as ‘1’ and ‘2’

The existing CIs in the CMDB still list servers as ‘Active’ but when you try to edit the substate it will give you options as show below.

Can these be changed back and,if so, will this have any knock on effects for anything else in the most recent update?


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Hi @Gareth Watkins

you may rename the substates 1 and 2 to what they were before.

Only thing, if you have created an assets with Active/1 then in the asset page you will still see Active/1 so you need to re-set the substate if you want to see the correct label.


Hope this answer your question






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