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Customers/Users reopening Ticket via Employee Portal

Mark (ESC)

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Hi @Mark (ESC)

At present we do not have the option for a customer to reopen a closed request from the portal. 
This is as per design. As best practice we recommend that organisations employ a two stage closure approach:

  • Resolve the call - and then check with the customer to see if the request is ready to be closed (or set an expiry period for it to Auto Close after X number of days). 
    • When a ticket is in a resolved state, the customer CAN reopen the ticket via the portal
  • Close the call

If the customer then wants to reopen the request, the advice would be to re-raise as a new ticket. 
It's very difficult to accomodate the reopening of closed requests in the Business Process too. There needs to be an end point in which the BPM has finished, and that is typically on full closure - reopening it afterwards means you fall outside of any process, and lose any automation benefits. 

Kind Regards


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