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Issue with downloading documents on Customer Portal using My Documents

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

We are still on the old Customer Portal  (currently in process of transitioning to the Employee Portal), using My Documents for our Customers to download or access relevant documents. On Thursday I started receiving reports of full Users and Customers having issues downloading / accessing documents here. I also have the same issue - when selecting the Download document button instead of the Download interface appearing at the bottom of the browser, a new page is launched showing random text characters as below.

I have found the following:

- Works fine for me on Chrome, and Edge, doesn't work in IE

- Another 2 colleague's it doesn't work at all in IE or Edge

- Another User can access it on Chrome but not Edge or IE

All on Windows 10 desktops. I know there was a document manager update earlier in the week so unsure if related?

Many thanks as always




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