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Request Notices Suggestion


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We're looking at the Request Notices but can only see a way to do this on a per ticket basis?

Is it possible or could something be implemented so Admins can set notifications on a global scale per service or category?

Any advice would be appreciated,


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Hi lukeb,

Thanks for your post.  The notices have been implemented as a simple way to highlight something on an individual request.  At the moment there is no way to apply a notice to all requests.  I'd be interested in an example of the type of notice that you would want to see on all or a group of related requests? If I can understand your use case, I can then see if this fits in with any of our existing plans or if there is another way to achieve this.



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Hi James,

Thank you for the response and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

Some possible use cases we would find useful would be for somethings like the following:

Notices via a category, this could be used for tickets that have been logged for services that are not transitioned and the notice would advise the help desk technician that this service is not transitioned possibly linking documentation or advising who the business contact for the service is.

We also think it might be useful to apply a notice for specific assets that are in a testing environment so that issues with them could then be diagnosed quicker (for example if rolling out a new anti-virus we could have a notice displayed for the relevant assets saying that this asset has a different AV which may be causing the issue)

Hopefully that makes some sense and let me know if you'd like any more information / use cases!

Kind Regards,


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