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Changing default email address for Direct Outbound emails

James Gallally

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I have just realised that some of the emails that are being sent when an incidents status is changed by the end user are coming from the wrong (old and incorrect) email address and as a result are failing to send. 

The address that it is coming from is not set under Home -> System -> Email -> Shared Mailboxes

I can see that they are failing because they are showing as such under Home -> System -> Email -> Direct Outbound and within the delivery status Ican see the originating address is incorrect.

I can't see anywhere obvious that I have set within the Business Process to trigger this and I have done a search within Home -> System -> Settings -> Advanced and Home -> Applications -> Hornbill Service Manager -> Application Settings for the originating email address and can't seem to see it there. I've also tried showing only modified settings for both locations and nothing obvious stands out.

Anyone able to say where I have set this setting 



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