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Human Task Node Limitations


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Good afternoon,

I'm working on a BPM where, at a certain point during the investigation stage, the analyst is required to specify the "issue type" for the ticket in order to allow us to report on issues more accurately.

I decided to use a Human Task (HT) node to capture the "issue type", however i've quickly found out that the outcomes of a HT node are limited to 8 items. This is a concern as we have many "issue types" and we do need to be able to specify this at this point.

This being the case, I decided to look for an alternative way to achieve my goal. As the HT node allows you to use a Capture Task Field, i figured I will create the "issue type" list as a Simple List and load it into the Capture Task Field. 

Upon testing, I can see the list of "issue types" while still being presented with the HT outcomes. This being the case, as a cleaning exercise, I decided to remove all of the outcomes and only use the list. But of course, this was also not achievable as the HT node has to have at least one outcome.

So currently my Human Task has a list of "issue types" plus an extra Outcome button (which doesn't look pretty at all). This being the case, I want to ask if anyone knows how to either clean up the Human Task so it's only the simple list, or another approach where it works exactly like a Human Task node but allows me to chose more than 8 items.


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Thank you for your response; no, I haven't tried these, but looking through the Wiki page you've provided, it still seems like you will have the Outcome button and then another entry to do.

I just need the analyst to be able to make a choice from a drop down list based on the investigation carried out. The Human Task is exactly what we're looking for but we need more than 8 options.

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@aykut.boyraz the limit of 8 outcomes was introduced a long time ago. This was to prevent UI issues when adding a large number of outcomes on the task, the task display can become very ugly (so to speak)... This is why we introduced the custom fields on tasks and custom outcomes.

Anyway, I hear what you say, but any changes or improvements in this area to achieve the functionality you need can be advised by @Miro and/or @James Ainsworth

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Hi @aykut.boyraz

There are no plans to change task outcomes however your problem can still be solved with mandatory field and one outcome.
You can use mandatory field - dropdown with simple list contains defined "incident types" and then just a confirmation button (outcome) like "Confirmed". This is typical scenario where custom fields plays the best.

Thank you,

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