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Might be a daft question but I presume all emails sent within Hornbill are stored somewhere?

Can anyone point me in the direction of where and if they are stored in HB, is there a way to archive and free up space.... 

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hi Paul,

There are a couple of options for deleting emails.  But first, I need to mention that if you delete an email that is been used to create or update a request, you will no longer be able to view that email from the request.   You can't reverse the deletion of these emails.

In order to help manage emails, you could create a folder that stores the emails that were used to create or update a request.  I believe that this can be automated.  This way, you can safely empty folders that are not associated to requests.


From within any folder on a Mailbox, there is a More Options that give the option to empty the selected folder.



Hope this helps,



For an Admin, in the Admin Tool you can go to any mail box and clear out the selected folder.  


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