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Business Process - trying to use decision node against incident summary/title

James Gallally

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I have a catalog item that deals with a specific automated email for some alerts that we get. The ticket gets logged correctly, email subject is match through to summary/title and the contents of the email goes through to description - life is good.

During the Business Process I have a decision that says if the summary/title has "Down" in it then do X otherwise if no match then do Y. I am obviously using the wrong criteria as it just keeps using the no match option. I've tried the following to variations with now joy - I am assuming that I have missed something obvious:







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Hi @James Gallally

I have tried this a few different ways and it seems to work fine for me... Do you have an example summary string that the expression is evaluating against I can test it on? 

For example, my latest expression is this:


And the string it is evaluating against is this:


If I have hardware in the summary instead of Software, then it goes down the 'No Match' route. It looks like you have the same thing though so I'm not sure what the difference could be. If you add in a new timeline update for the next node in your process for the 'No Match' route, does that work ok?

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@James Gallally

It looks like you have an AND operator between the two expressions in your screenshot, could it be that this should be OR if only one of them is populated at the point?
Or am I reading it wrong?

Also it may be case sensitive so check for both Down OR down (Maybe someone else can confirm this)

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