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New Outbound Routing Rule Query

lee mcdermott

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We were originally setup to use Google but have recently moved to Microsoft O365.

I am trying to setup a new outbound routing rule but it fails with a send as denied error.


Does anyone know what needs to be setup and where to get this working?

The current setup is using smart Host to smtp-relay.gmail.com

the new one I believe will be smtp.office365.com.


What is required for step 2? if we are using smtp.office365.com Does hornbill have to send to a relay at our site for it to then direct to smtp.office365.com? If so where is this configured?

for step 3 I assume we would already have this in place as it is currently working when using our original google mail account?


Hornbill WIKI as below

  1. Create an outbound route in Hornbill and configure the necessary details (as shown in the image below).
  2. Configure a relay connector on your mail server (allowing relay from the appropriate origin IP stated below) - 
  3. Configure any necessary firewall rules (allowing traffic from the appropriate origin IP) to allow communication from your Hornbill instance.  Europe: - OR



Any help or advice would be great



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@lee mcdermott

As far as I recall you can only have one outbound mail routing entry per domain, so you would just update your existing one for your domain pointing it to the Office365 server and your account credentials for you the same.

Example below is from a screenshot of one of our domain connections to Office 365.




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