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Viewing custom Incident details as end users

James Gallally

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I'm sure there is a setting to allow this, I am just not sure what it is.

We have used the Incident Details Form Configuration to add in a couple of extra details for our technicians to update in one of our service portfolios. I can make them so they are always visible to the technician, but they don't appear to be visible to the end user. Anyone know if this is possible?

In the example below, we would like the end users to know who is doing the testing for this particular incident.


I was hoping it would display somewhere here:





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Good question - portal users can't see anything in the Details section which is frustrating. is this deliberate? I guess so?

What we noticed last week is that end users cannot also see the Priority of any Request. That is even more frustrating and I cannot see any reason for this.

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@James GallallyThe Incident Details section on requests is an analyst view. Customers can see the Summary of the request and the description but other fields are analyst specific. You can configure business processes to write the values in custom fields to the timeline where applicable. 

@Frank ReayPriority values can also be written to the timeline where applicable via the business process. 

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Thanks @Mary

Is there a way for the information to stay in a static location on the page as opposed to moving down the page and getting lost in the noise of the ticket as it would if it is in the ticket timeline?

I am guessing that no additional variables can be added to the Request Information section?



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