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New priority level in new SLA not showing as a selectable option in the configuration

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

I have been working on setting up a new SLA with auto escalation rules imbedded into the configuration. As part of this new SLA we created a new Priority level for our VIP customers. I have then attached this to a test service just to see it working, but noticed an issue which I am struggling to resolve:

- The Response / Resolution Timer did not start in the BPM (I am presuming this will be linked to the below issue with the new Priority level we have set named VIP).

- I can see the new priority VIP in the SLA config, however when i go to configure the VIP priority I do not see it in the prepopulated list as below  (1st image) - is there somewhere i configure these priorities outside of the SLA configuration screens? I can not see the VIP priority when i try to change the priority direct in the request as well (2nd image)

I am able to see the correct SLA is set against the Service as this shows in the Information bar (3rd image)

Many thanks as always!





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Hi Steve, thanks for the response - yes it is the new VIP priority that i am not seeing the configuration drop downs - below shows the new SLA with the VIP priority set in Configuration and the Manage Rules tabs.

The new SLA shows the VIP level as below:


I have also included a screenshot of the manage rules:


Many thanks


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Hi Steve (or anyone else),

I now have a working SLA with auto escalations triggering when expected. 

However, I have just one issue i am struggling to resolve - when i raise a test request against the new SLA the BPM is set to Digital Services - Priority 1, but when the call raises it is assigning the new Priority level I have added for our VIP customers rather than the Priority 1 level specified in the BPM. I can manually circumvent this by changing the SLA direct in the Request, but I am struggling to see why it is setting the priority as the VIP level, rather than the Priority 1 level. 

1st image shows the SLA priority setup:


2nd image shows the setting in the BPM node to set the priority to level 1:


Many thanks as always !

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Hi Steve

I had no condition set against the VIP priority so i think that was causing the issue, added it now and run a test and it has assigned the expected Priority level 1 now as defined in the BPM

I realised this after posting and having a think last night, so my apologies


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