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Select user using email address?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

We're now getting a fair few Azure security emails coming through which contain the 'affected users' email address (which we can find using a javascript search in the BPM).

We'd like to be able to use that email address so that we can automatically change the customer of the logged request to whoever the email address belongs to. So, my question is: Could the Get User Details node be updated so that it searches for the email address of users please? 

At the moment it just lists UserID, LogonID and EmployeeID







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Guest Paul Alexander
18 minutes ago, Victor said:

What Javascript search ?!

I update a custom field with this:

&[global["flowcode"]["description"].substr([global["flowcode"]["description"].indexOf("Affected Azure Resource:") +24], [global["flowcode"]["description"].indexOf("[" ,[global["flowcode"]["description"].indexOf("Affected Azure Resource:")]) -24]-[global["flowcode"]["description"].indexOf("Affected Azure Resource:")])]


All this does is search through the description of the request (which is the body of the email which was used to log the request) searching for "Affected Azure Resource:". I know that, directly after that text, the affected users' email address is found, so I can extract that.

If I could then use that email address to find the customer and update the request, that'd be great. 



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