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Supportworks - ADFS to Modern Authentication (integration with Active Directory)

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We are running Supportworks (v with a online web portal (on prem).

There is a daily share of data from Active Directory to Hornbill for user/customer data transfer.  I am pretty confident we use LDAP for sign on purposes etc.

We are about to embark on a project to move from Exchange (on prem) to Exchange Online.  One of the requirements is to enable Modern Authentication (and disable ADFS). 

The Technical team have asked me to enquire with Hornbill what impact this will have on the secure user data transfer and for authentication.

The turn on of Modern Auth / turn off of ADFS is one of the early steps on the Exchange Online project, I need to understand what impact this would have and what actions we need to take to remediate.

Any advice welcome!

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