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BPM Error on RFC Module

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I am getting the following BPM error when one of my team tries to action a task within our RFC module:




this is the error in the BPM workflow:



this is how I have the BPM node configured:



and this is the BPM:



basically, what I want is that whoever completes the manual tasks "change implemented successfully" task and selects "implementation failed" that the are then assigned the task in the "roll back decision"


this is when i get this error


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On the right is the properties for a Roll Back Decision Human Task.  When using the Variable Picker on the Task Assignment, you should be able to see and select information from a previous task.  When you expend this, you should be able to select the Completed By.  The only thing that I'm not 100% sure on is if the returned user information from the Completed By is the user's ID or not.  



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