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GDPR issue with user searching in PCFs


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So we have a few PCFs that have the user search functionality so that we can attach connections and send emails etc.

We asked for the username to be added to the list so that we can distinguish between basic users, as we have some basic users that are both staff and students.

We are wondering if we can choose what appears in the section in the brackets e.g. Joe Bloggs (BloggsJ)? So we could show things like staff or students e.g. Joe Bloggs (Student), Joe Bloggs (Staff) or departments e.g. Joe Bloggs (Law), Joe Bloggs (Human Resources)....
Also the ability to be able to show only a subset of users in this list is preferable e.g. staff or students (defined by either a department, email address ending etc) so that we can show smaller lists of basic users.

It has been raised as when you click into the box and the names and usernames (in our case) are displayed to any user that completes the form and our Information Governance team are not overly happy with this situation as this could be used to .

We can go back to asking for email addresses and then using an integration to make sure we have the correct person etc, but this is more development work that we don't want to do if possible.

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Hi @Jeremy

The introduction of brackets after a user name was brought in purely to solve a specific issue - to distinguish between two people of exactly the same name (rather than to provide general information as part of a dropdown list_.  Although this information may be useful as per the reasons you have described, it would result in the same issue - i.e. there could be two people called Joe Bloggs (Student) in your list. Whereas the User ID is unique so it will always be some kind of distunguishing information. 

I do not believe there are any plans to expand this out in that format, but I will raise internally and see what the developers thoughts are. There is certainly something to be said for adding some filtering options to the User Picker list.

Kind Regards


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@Jeremy Yes this is how I would see it working - some type of additional attribute to add some filtering criteria based on the type of thing you've mentioned. 
I know from past requests that this is quite a tricky undertaking. The most simple way to add new options in this area is to add a new pre-defined option to the existing list (e.g. "Search Coworkers, Search Basic Users" etc) - but that wouldn't really work in this scenario because we would need some user defined criteria too to perform the filtering on, and there is nothing currently in the Admin tool UI or back end that accomodates something like this, so it's unlikely to be a quick piece of work. 

But I'll feed this back to the developers and see if we can at least get the discussion restarted to see what options are available.

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