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Google Sheets Integration

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We have found that if we set up a node to pass information to the sheet it marks the response as a success regardless if it actually wrote something the sheet or not.

So we cannot use the metric 'Call Success' so we have to make a decision based on whether a row was updated or not. Just wondering if this expected behaviour?

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@Steve G doesn't appear to be, we get a success returned for the integration working regardless of whether it put any data in the sheet. Seems to be a success of the node (I did a thing) rather than a return from sheet saying I was updated. If that makes sense....

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Hi @Jeremy,

I've made some changes to the Update and Append operations, so that they will now populate success with a boolean false in the event that the operation fails for something other than an authentication issue. Authentication/token issues are still handled by a hard-fail of the operation. I've also included a new output parameter called errors, which will be populated with the error returned from Google if success equals false.

Let me know how you get on with these.




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