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Notifications for Service Manager Updates

Paul Welby

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Since the automated updates have been implemented, we do not get any communication prior to these going live.

Do other sites receive any emails to that effect?

We only know when an update has been put in by looking at announcements within the Hornbill Community forum but this is after it has gone live.


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Hi @Paul Welby

Follow the Announcements thread and you should get notified the day before any update is released:


I use the email notification for any new items in the subjects (eg. Service Manager and Announcements) I'm interested in.

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On 10/5/2020 at 11:01 AM, nasimg said:

you should get notified the day before any update is released

I'll clarify this a bit, as it can be misleading... @nasimg @Paul Welby

The forum post/notification in Announcements section re a new update is created at the time the update package is deployed on the machines that are responsible for (automatic) updates in our (HB) environment. Now, this update is applied on customer instances by these machines depending on the current maintenance window configuration in each live instance. By default, the maintenance window for an instance is from 01.00 AM to 05.00 AM, this being the timeframe when an instance is updated.

The update package can be deployed by development team on the "update machine" any time during the day, usually dev team does this in the morning (but is not mandatory, can happen in the afternoon for example). This means that, usually, the update is applied on live instances during the following night, between 01-05 AM (instance maintenance window).

So, saying that the forum announcement (created when the update package is deployed) comes a day in advance is not entirely (technically) correct. A more correct statement is that the update is applied in the during the night following the announcement. Moreover, this is only true if the setting that manages the maintenance window has not be changed from the default 01-05 AM by customer sysadmin. If, for example, you have changed this setting to, let's say, 01.00 AM - 23.00 PM (basically all day), the update will be applied very soon after it was deployed because the maintenance window for that instance is valid when the package was deployed. In this scenario the advance notice will be even less, hours, if not minutes.

Hope this makes sense.

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