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Display the priority on the "All My Requests" view


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Hi @Lightsource

It's not possible to change the headings on the Service Portal. We have moved across to the new employee portal which has a slightly different view of the 'All My Requests' data, but it's not possible there either...

Any new development would be on the employee portal though so it's doubtful it will ever be possible on the service portal, however I will let the product owners know about the feedback so thank you for that.

Couple of screenshots, first one is an example of how the data looks in the new employee portal (the widget at the bottom. You can design the portal layout as you prefer too):


The second one is how to access the employee portal (in case you didn't know), which is to go to live.hornbill.com/YOURINSTANCE instead of service.hornbill.com, and then go here:


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