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Retrieve a Contact Record in the Business Process

RIchard Horton

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We have a situation which we are encountering in Hornbill automations within an HSM business process, but I gather it is a collaboration feature

We want to create a Contact if the Contact does not already exist. This is coming a cropper because Create Contact fails if it is already there (or has been archived). What we would like to do is a Retrieve Customer (based on an email address, so we know it's ID to use), but that function does not exist. Any chance of this being made available ?

While I'm at it, knowing whether the Contact is active or archived would be handy as part of this. And so would an additional option to Unarchive Contact 



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Hi @RIchard Horton,

There is an automation to Unarchive a Contact, available here:  


I agree that there should be an automation to retrieve the details of a contact from a given email address, I'll raise that as an enhancement and will post back here once implemented.



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