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Unable to find customers in Hornbill to change names on requests

Adrian Simpkins

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I have returned to work today to find a number of Users have raised this issue: Unable to locate customer names to change customer on requests.

We had this issue about 2 months ago when we could not search for customers any longer / correctly in the change customer field. It appears this is happening again as i have 3 full Users trying to change the customer on requests, however when searching for the customer in the Change Customer action node it is not returning any details. 

All customers exist in Hornbill as i have double checked on the Admin Users interface so all are active on the system, all sync every day and all have previous requests showing. If we use the Raise New all 3 customers are found straight away, however when searching in a request we are getting null returns / no return values.

Has something changed with this functionality please? Can this be restored as soon as possible please as this is impacting our teams :) thanks

Raise New Finds Amy Ives straight away:


Change Customer request node - finds nothing:


Many thanks

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@Adrian Simpkins,

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the Customer Search action. As I'm unable to recreate this locally, would you be able to provide some details.

In Chrome browser, could you please carry out the steps below.

  • Navigate to the Customer Search action
  • Press F12 to open up the Developer Tools
  • Navigate to the Network tab
  • Click on the clear button (As per the arrow in my screenshot)



  • Now, please type in "amy ives" in the Search Subscribers box, as per your screenshot
  • In the Developer Tools, you should see a Network call as per my screenshot. Could you please share the result in the Response tab?




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@Adrian Simpkins,

Just wanted to let you know that I've been looking this. The Customer Search operation does not produce an error, as evident by the Network call above. The query to the database to look up the customer returns a record in under a second, yet it is unclear why the operation does not make this result available in it's response. To continue our investigation, we'll need to have a look at your instance logs to understand why the operation "smGetCustomerByServiceSubscription" does not return any result and to get a feel of the Service configuration that may help to recreate this issue. As I don't have access to your instance or the logs due to our security policy and inline with our ISO certification, I will have to ask you to raise a request with our Customer Success function who are equipped to make the necessary arrangements with you to gain access. I can see that your organisation is subscribed to our Premier Success enhanced support plan. Could you please raise a request via our webform https://www.hornbill.com/support and a member of the Customer Success team will be in touch with you.

We hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


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