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Catalogue Item Costs in Self-Service & for Approvals


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I am interested how people have chosen to make the costs of catalogue items visible in the self-service portal and also make it available to approvers when that part of a service request workflow is used

The only approach I can currently find is to add a cost section to each catalogue item description??

many thanks


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Hi @AndyGilly

The description is one way (though it may be difficult then to extract that specifc cost from the description, and input it into an approval). 

Another nice way is to include it as a custom field in the Progressive Capture. In the below screenshot, I have created some basic information about the Item and an Image (using Wiki Markup) using a label field. And I have added a Single line text field to display the cost. You could include the questions you want to ask the end user beneath these 


To set up the cost here, I have used the Default Value to record the price, and made it read-only to ensure that the it can't be amended. 
Then the clever bit - I have mapped this read-only cost attribute to a custom field (in my example h_custom_m) in my request. That means the cost of the Item can then be injected into any subsequent emails, approvals, tasks etc. 


Hope this helps



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