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I have been tasked with planning out a roadmap around our use of the Hornbill product over the coming years. In order for me to do this effectively I was wondering do you as a business have a roadmap or 5 year plan with regards to Hornbill's offerings. Particularly around the Service Manager application as that currently is our main product of yours. 

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Hi Andy,

We would typically talk about our plans at the annual Hornbill Insights, which unfortunately didn't happen this year due to Covid-19.

The challenge with a 5 year plan is that things can change so quickly that committing to something of this length would most certainly have to change year on year.  As our solution is built around agile development and continuous deployment, a lot of what we deliver is based on customer demand.  Automation, integration, features and functionality are growing and delivered each week.  Many of these things we deliver are not necessarily things that we would have considered in a long term plan.

Regarding Service Manager, I can say that we are continuing to work through our most requested features from our customers.  We are also working on providing a more formal Knowledge base.  Up until now, we have worked off of the concept of tacit knowledge being captured and used.  Document Manager has also been a great contributor to holding and sharing knowledge.  We are now looking to extend on this to provide additional options for structured knowledge bases.

With more structured knowledge, this would also lead into more information for users for self service aspects of Hornbill.  We will look to provide better presentation of this information to users, whether it be by browsing a knowledge portal, improved presentation of information when users are raising requests with the Service Desk, or knowledge and solutions automatically provided through our Live Chat.  

IT Operations Management was one of our planned road map items over the last year which includes network and asset discovery, package management, software deployment, job management, job scheduling, and runbook automation was one of our plans that we discussed at the last Hornbill Insights.  Some amazing work has been done here and is now being implemented by our customers.

There are a number of areas that we continue to work on such as reporting, user experience, integrations, automations, and much more.  These community forums are a great way for you and our customers to let us know what you need as a business.  While many of the requirements that are requested are technical features, I am also interested in the larger operational areas that would help your business.

Hopefully next year we will be in a position to once again to host our Hornbill Insights where we can look more at some of our plans and also get more feedback from our customers.  Andy, please do let us know if there is a particular area of interest that you would be looking for within the Hornbill family of apps. 




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