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Slow response times

Alberto M

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@Keith Stevenson, thanks for your response. 

I've checked with our team and this is what I got:

"From what I can see in the logs, we processed 98 tasks this morning at around 09:10 (UK time).
This is definitely way more than the usual 10 we get.
In terms of API calls, there is 2 API Calls for each task, so in this case that would be nearly 200 API Calls.
It is more than usual, but 200 web requests (which are small) are not something that should have such an impact on the system."

Is there any extra information you can get from the logs?



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@Alberto M
Thanks for the reply.  From looking at your instance you logged nearly double your typical number of requests\tasks and these came in groups and mostly before 1PM. We provision the instances for double the typical number of APIs requests for any instance in 1 day, however if you perform this in short timeperiods this can cause short delays in processing.  Going forward we will be able to change the provisioning of instance resources over a shorter time frame to solve this (Currently takes upto 12 hours) 

Its also worth noting that logging 1 call\task may be only 1 API request from the user, but the knock on from that can be many 100s (API call ,so a burst of 9 times your typical load in short time  can cause the issue you witnessed.  

We can see that performance and load returned to expected at around 1PM and remained as expected for the rest of the day. 

Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson

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