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can a Basic User be set up to see the requests raised by their team?

Stuart Torres-Catmur

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We have a manager who has is set to User and has Collaboration, Self Service User and Basic User roles.

She has asked if it is possible for her to view requests raised by members of her team (and update them?).

Her team are all Basic Users, set up with Self Service User and Basic User roles and have their manager set up as their manager on their user accounts.

Is this possible, and if so, how do I set this up? 

Assuming this is possible, which URL should the manager use?




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@Stuart Torres-Catmur there is a global system setting which allows all managers to see their employees tickets on self service (based on them being marked as their manager on their profiles).

Admin Console > Home > Application > Service Manager > Application Settings 

A setting to enable the manager to see all of their managed staff's requests

This would be accessible via the Service Portal, My Services and or New Employee Portal. 


The manager would be able to update / comment on their employees tickets.

Equally if you didn't want a global rules, then you could explore the Connections functionality but this is only available on the NEW employee portal, not the Service Portal.  



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@Steven Boardman Having discussed this matter with colleagues, we've decided not to switch this on, as it was too risky in respect of staff requests to HR regarding, for example, grievance procedure that their line manager should not see.  We are going to wait until we've got Employee Portal live and use Connections instead.  Thank you once again for your helpful assistance with this matter.


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