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Employee Portal and SSO Slowness

Chris Bardell

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No to sure if anyone else is experiencing this on there instance but we are experiencing real slowness when selecting Log In With Single Sign on and then it redirecting the page to our SSO logon.

I am not really to use if this would be a local issue with our ADFS (SSO) Server or the Hornbill page redirection?  The issue started when the changes were made on Tuesday.



Masked out our server name.

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Hi @TrevorHarris

It was taking around 30 seconds or so before it would re-direct the page to our ADFS Login page.

We managed to find the issue. The issue was with our ADFS Server, the server was performing at full capasity. After a reboot of the server everything was back to normal again.
It now re-directs to ADFS in around 1-2 seconds :)

Thanks for getting back to me on this one.

Another quick question if that is ok, is it possible with ADFS and Hornbill to configure it in such a way that is seamless, so when members of staff select Sign In With Single Sign On it will automatically authenticate them with there Windows Login? At the moment we have it configured so when members of staff select Sign In With Single Sign On it then re-directs to our SSO page and asks them to login with there Windows Username and Password.


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