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Suggestion for the Wiki?

Paul Alexander

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I'm not sure in which category to put this suggestion, but would it be possible to make any changes to the Wiki (which are pointed to by the 'New Update' forum posts) a different colour for a week or so, to make them easy to find and to stop me having to read EVERYTHING on the page to either a) find the update and read up on it or b) find that the Wiki HASN'T been updated at all and save me a few minutes please? 

For instance, in Update 2022 it says:


So I clicked the link, took me a while to find the right section to look at, and then couldn't find any updates at all! I may have missed it tbh but it's definitely not very clear!! 



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@Paul Alexander thanks for the feedback, i'll pass this on and see what if any options there are.

In the meantime on the one you highlighted, it does look like the wiki documentation hasn't been updated, it will be shortly. 

This enhancement simply provides a Copy Questions option when using the Request > Log Requests option - so it will copy the questions / answers from the request running the process, and add them into the questions section on the newly created request.


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11 hours ago, Paul Alexander said:

Will these questions be added to the corresponding custom fields of the new request

We will only copy what is in the questions table.  The placement of the questions/answers in custom fields will be unique to each customer, and can even be different between services or request types for the same customer.  

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