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Emails - Customer fields not populating


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I have created a new Self Service form which collects some data and puts it into custom fields, and then sends an email containing these fields.

If I complete this through Service Manager as a normal Service Request, the email is sent with the variables populated.

If I log a self service call the variables are populated however if someone else logs a self service request the email comes through with the field names and not the content.

I am thinking this may be permissions but am struggling to prove this as my colleague who is also an admin gets the same issue.


I have just looked into the database view and can see that the Custom fields are not populated when other used log a request in self service.


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Hi Kevin,

Are you using the option to map progressive capture fields to the custom fields or are you using a BPM update node to populate the custom fields from the questions? In most cases, the back end operations such as these run at a different permissions level than the users so my first thought is that it isn't permissions related, but I could be wrong.


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@victor Morning, I think I have found the issue and will carry on testing.

I had 2 fields in the progressive capture that were linked to 2 custom fields of type integer however and this is where im not sure of the exact reason, the regex was not validating the whole number just the first character and if it found an error it would stop all fields mapping to their custom fields.

I will post back here as soon as I have some results

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