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We've got a requirement for a team to be able to handle their incomming emails and requests securly as they contain sensative infomration. Does anyone have experience in the best way to secure this info for the team to prevent other support teams accessing it? Is it a seprate instance or is there a way to lock down certain calls / requests lists?


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@David_Wilson the Hornbill services module, has this security model built in.  

If you define supporting teams against the services which secure tickets are going to be logged, then only the analysts which are members of the teams which support the services, which the tickets are logged against will be able to see those tickets in the request list. 

This extends out so that only those supporting team analysts can:

* View the tickets

* Search for the tickets

* Have the tickets reassigned to them

* Create request list views using services those tickets are logged against.


Wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Support_Teams


Equally for emails, you can create a mailbox, and only give access to the required analysts, so any incoming emails are only visible to those analysts you want to see the sensitive data. 


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