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We are starting the journey of creating a comprehensive internal and customer facing knowledge base. I'm very keen to keep the internal knowledge within hornbill but was curious whether any other hornbill customers have successfully managed to do this. I am keen to collaborate and learn from the way in which the libraries were constructed and what the approach was. Was it a blend of faqs and published documents etc. 

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This is something we are trying to achieve at the moment ourselves in Service Manager, being a previous Supportworks customer as well, but are not quite their yet with the capabilities Service Manager.

  • A couple of the challenges you will face is that FAQ's at the moment is that you cannot specify if an FAQ is for display on the Employee/Service Portal or Customer Portal, you can only specify Service Desk (Live App), Portals or both. The other is the ability to group and order FAQ's when you have a large volume of them within one service.
  • Publishing of Documents to services has recently been added, which is something we have been waiting for and does give you more control on the visibility from portal perspective, but does have the same limitation for grouping and ordering as the FAQ's do.

We and others on the forum are pushing Hornbill to address these functionality improvements, so hopefully an other voice wanting to achieve the same thing will help move them up the priority list.

The strategy from out point of view as we support both internal and external customer through both portals, is to use a combination of both the FAQ for simpler issue and documents for more detailed ones.

I know others who only provide support to internal customers have been able to implement more extensively the FAQ's and Document Library elements, as they do not have the complication of two different portals, so hopefully they will add to this topic as well.




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Yes we're looking at implementing internal knowledge base specifically for our 120+ IT supporting teams on a Microsoft Teams sharepoint site simply because Hornbills offering at the moment isn't as flexible or easy to use. 


Our customer facing knowledge base however should sit in hornbill and I agree with your points it is frustrating as there doesn't seem to be a single way of managing the knowledge and use a mixture of well organised faqs, user guides, hints and tips, known errors etc. I'd suggest this warrants it's own app that can be easily managed from a single place and be embedded in the employee portal as widgets and more importantly a search bar much like a wiki page but far more intuitive and user friendly. 

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