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LDAP Import Failing - Stuck Running Since 02/09/2020 @ 01:00

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No new users in AD are being imported into Hornbill. Our LDAP import has failed since the 02/09/2020 at 01:00am.  I have been on our server and updated the LDAP User Import program to V3.9.0 and upon running a dry run it states,

[ERROR] Unable to run import, a previous import is still running

Looking on Hornbill under our LDAP Import > History.  Its stuck saying Running on the import dated 02/09/2020?  How would we fix this, can we manually stop this import running so i can try a another dry run?


Chris :) 


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Hi @Steve Giller Many thanks for your help that has got it working again - new users have imported in. When our next scheduled import is due to run are we to expect issues similar to the one i reported today? I suppose at this point in time its more of a we will have to wait and see tomorrow.

Many thanks again.

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