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Unable to select Auto Task BPM

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I am working on setting up some Auto Tasks for use by our Service Desk. I have a script setup under Applications / Service Manager / Auto Tasks which is an active process. However, when i go to setup the Custom button and try to select the auto task i want to invoke the Auto Task list is blank - is there something else i need to do to make the script become available on the Custom Button drop down? I have Super User role on my logon, as well as Form Designer and Business Process Manager roles set. We have also tried this on Steve's logon and he is seeing the same as per the below image,

Many thanks!



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@Adrian Simpkins when you created the auto task processes did you do this under Global or Request context?


Only those created under Request will show in the custom buttons on the Request view.

if you created them under Global, you can download them and upload them under Request and they should appear for you


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