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KE00163927 - Service ID variable has no value when used in custom form conditional fields

Martyn Houghton

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  • 2 weeks later...

@Martyn Houghton the fix suggested by above should be:

1. Open/Edit the affected decision expression

2. Make a change (any change) for example change the service ID from 90 to 91 (do not save)

3. Undo the change for example change the service ID from 91 back to 90

4. Save the PCF

The expression syntax will be corrected at Step 2 automatically without the need of saving the PCF at that point. This is why saving the PCF in Step 2 is not required, it only needs a change, any change, to trigger the correction. The correct syntax is stored in the session therefore when saving the PCF is Step 4 it will store the correct syntax for the PCF configuration.

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