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Chrome crashing on job logging


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Strange one for you. 

Brand new PC, I've installed google chrome, all up to date and no extensions enabled.

So then I:

Log in 
Log a new request
Enter username
Click in the description field to type

..and that's where chrome crashes in its entirety. All open tabs/windows. 

Happens everytime without fail. Not occurred before or on other browsers so I don't think it's your problem essentially, I just thought you might know of anything that happens at that stage of job logging, and if I can prevent it. 

Thanks in advance for any insight. 


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  • LawesD changed the title to Chrome crashing on job logging

I've tried. But thanks anyway. I found out abrubtly that this also happens:


Which is exactly the same behaviour, so I'm convinced they're related. Well guess I'm on ...shudders..Edge for the time being. 

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