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Auto Task query

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I am working on setting up some Auto Tasks for use by our Service Desk team, and was hoping we could use the auto task to achieve the following 3 steps:

- Post Alert Notice to the request highlighting request has been escalated

- Send email alert to the Owner of the request (if an Owner is set)

- Send email alert to the Owners Manager

I have setup the 1st 2 items with no issues, however, I was unsure of:

- If no Owner is set will the script fail, or just ignore the Advise Owner if no Owner is set?

- How would i email the Owner / Team Manager to advise them of this escalated request? I can only see an option for emailing the Customer's Manager on the selections available. We just want to make the Owner / Team Manager aware at the same time

Many thanks !

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

I would have a set up like the following:


Firstly you will see a decision to check if the request has an owner or not. In answer to your first question, it will error if you try to send an email to a Request owner and the request doesn't have one. So that's why I would build in a decision to check this before trying to send it. If it DOESN'T have an owner, it gracefully moves to the next part of the flow. 

The second part is a little more complicated. 
When talking about a Team Manager I assume you mean setting an analysts role in a team as "Manager" in the Organisational Structure - as per the screenshot below:



If so, then you need to firstly use a "Get Request Information -> Get Team information" node to gather these details



The next step is another decision node to ensure that at least one member of that team has been set to "Manager". If they havn't then we want to go straight to "End" because again, we don't want it to error:



Now we have the Managers ID. But we need their Email Address to send the notification to. So you need to inject the manager ID just collected into a "Get User Details" node which will gather all of their additional profile information, including their email



And now you have the Managers email addres - you simply use an "Email External Addresses" node, and can insert the Managers Email address to the "External Addresses" section:



I havn't tested this on my environment but this is the general logic that I believe you could use - so hopefully it all works when you give it try!

Kind Regards


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