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New Update: Hornbill Admin Tool (1292)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Admin Tool (1292) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:

  • app - workflow - bpm list: add ability to do popup search for references in bpm processes. Returns list of matched process.
  • system -email - templates: add ability to search for bpm processes that may reference template.
  • system - org structure - roles list: changed default trans for the role types listbox.
  • system - org structure - roles list: add ability to filter by role priv level.
  • apps - adv analytics - measures list: automatically add %% like search to filter list
  • system - data - imports: add LDAP pre-import action type for Object SID Conversion
  • ITOM (Preview) - Job Scheduling: highlight next scheduled date/time in red if it is set in the past.
  • app - workflow - bpm - editor: do not allow "outcome" branching from decision node if parent node is a via that has > 1 incoming connection.
  • ITOM - Package editor: Change the xml view font size to 14px
  • system - org structure - user availability states: When disabling states, leaving view and going back to view it appears they are not disabled (but they are).
  • sys - org structure - users: allow "guest" roles for "basic" users
  • app - app subscriptions: fix add/delete user tooltip translation pointers.
  • app - workflow - bpm - editor: do not show connection error when connecting a via to a decision node where the via has > 1 in connection.
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