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how can I see list of tasks assigned to a user

Stuart Torres-Catmur

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Hi Stuart,

Within the My Activities view there is a tool bar option that show All my tasks



From there, if you select User, it will show a list of users that are available to you.  I believe that you have to be set as their manager in order to see them in the list.

You can also expose the Related Entity column to show and provide a link to the Service Manager requests that they are related to.



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@James Ainsworth

Thanks for this.  I set myself up as the Manager of the IT Service Desk, refreshed, then tried the My Activities Page.  It still only allows me to view my own tasks and not those of the team I've myself as manager of.

I need to check a particular member of staff who is on maternity leave so we can swap her license to the user covering for her.

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