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Update assets from multiple sources

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Looking to see if its possible to update existing Hornbill assets, but from a different source.


We currently have an SCCM import running on a schedule. This pull into Hornbill all our computer assets...

we are looking to shift the source database from SCCM to Snow SAM as we believe it holds a few more useful fields than SCCM does.

I would like to achieve this by disabling the SCCM import and enable the Snow with the preferred end result being the existing asset gets updated (based on asset name) rather than have duplicates created for all computer accounts

Any advice greatly received

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Hi Paul,

I don't see any reason why you couldn't get a SNOW import set up and tested, and then turn off the SCCM import.  Both imports should have options to select a key field (asset ID) on an asset to ensure that an update is done, rather than adding a new asset.


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