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Asset Manager - Adding a quantity value to 'Software Information'


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Afternoon all,

Our Asset manager has put a requirement on me that under 'Software Information' they'd like a 'quantity' field. I.e. To record how many licenses of a given piece of software we have?

I've had a good look around and don't think this is possible for me to do? It would have to be added in a future update?



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20 hours ago, ArmandoDM said:

@NickH@Martyn Houghton

the relevant change is under test at the moment. It will be available in the next build or the one after.  A new property 'License Count' has been added to the assets with class Software.



Ooh I can see this being useful when Asset Management comes to the BPM... If someone requests access to an Application and is approved, the licence count could go down by 1.

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